Deja Vu

Yes that’s when you are pretty sure you’ve already done the thing you are doing.. re-living the moment before it’s happened, etc.. So, imagine my joy when today I ended up back at the dentists.. not just any dentist, but the same one from YESTERDAY!! I’m sure it was a clear Kodak moment when she saw me bursting with joy as I came through the door. God knows I just wanted to get in and out again as quick as I could.

So it turns out she did a bit of a botch job yesterday – surprised ? – well no not really. But this time, she just filed things down a bit and sent me on my way complete with anti-biotics that taste something like a cross between banana milkshake and metal, or at least what I would presume metal tastes like.

My plans for tomorrow are really quite simple… try NOT to go to the dentist. Oh and sorry for not explaining that I moved my blog.. I do random things like that sometimes.


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