Going Green

It strikes me that although my intentions are good, I never quite seem to get there with the whole ‘going green’ thing. I am, for sure, guilty of leaving lights on all over the place, and especially guilty of not filling up the recycling bin that the local council have bestowed upon us. But I did do one ‘environmental thing’ this month, I bought ‘The Natural Green Bag’, the Tesco’s eco friendly shopper – now if only I could actually remember to take it with me to the shops then it might, I suppose have a greater effect than leaving it lonely in my living room. It seems though that no matter how many times I try and remind myself, I still manage to forget it, which is quite some achievemnet considering it’s ever so slightly on the large side. It may surprise you to know that I have indeed managed to get it round Tesco once – yes just the once – and spent most of that time worrying that the security guard may pounce on me for stealing it – I mean do you need the receipt with you every time you take it back in the shop? You see the dilemma’s I have to deal with on a weekly basis.. gosh darned life is hard.


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