Welcome my honeybunches

I am being brave.. why? well I have plugged my blog on several sites to share my random sarcasms and bloggings on the everyday public. I suppose it’s not a bad thing, since if you don’t share it with anyone then you are, by all intent and purposes talking to yourself – or should that be typing to yourself ? Well, anyway if by chance there is someone other than me reading this then hello.. welcome to my online world.

I guess if other people are actually reading this then I should endeavour to add some content.. not that my daily ramblings aren’t interesting enough, but I suppose something more would be better. That being said, I am currently deciding on new content.. how excited are you now *said with minor sarcasm* .. For now I must go as I have an important engagement with the TV – okay so neighbours and home & away are on in like twenty minutes and you don’t want to be around me if I miss them!


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