Facebook ‘Friends’

Now it’s unusual for me to rant.. not.. but this time it’s about the addictive Facebook.. yet another online collection of people claiming to be ‘friends’ with each other, despite the fact that most don’t have any contact or have ever met. Now, I’m not actualy having a go at everyone on there, for I am on there myself, but my grievance is with people who add you as a friend and then have no contact with you whatsoever. That bugs me!! Facebook is clearly set up in a way that allows you to INTERACT with each other, so why the hell do so many people not bother with the interaction. I mean then it’s just like a long list of names in a weird popularity contest on the internet that leaves you feeling just a little like you stepped back into the playground.

Rant over.. I think. I have deleted people, basically because having their name listed on my page doesn’t really do that much for me. So, that’s my bitchin done. On the plus side for today I watched Lindsay Lohan in ‘Freaky Friday’ this avo and it was pretty good!



  1. Amy Said:

    I totally agree. All my friends from school are always pressuring me to start one of those (well myspace) but it is just a contest to get the most ‘friends’. Its rather intimidating, seeing people with 500+ ‘friends’ when you’ve got 30 something, hehe.

    (by the way, I found your blog through your design site – I’ve seen your posts at fan-sites.org and you seem lovely. :))

  2. temptedangel Said:

    Thanks Amy, I’m pleased to see someone agrees with me, lol.. and thanks for the nice comment! šŸ™‚

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