Attempting the ‘Zen’ thing

Yes I may have actually gone slightly crazy, why? Well I am trying to remain calm, live my life a little more on the ‘Zen’ side.. So far it’s not going great but then with neighbours who insist on giving me a personal disco through my floorboards – well it’s not easy to remain calm. So it all got me to thinking about trying things to make me clamer.. I already tried Kaballah – well, technically I didn’t actually get round to trying it, but I did by the red string which to be honest is still sitting in it’s envelope since I bought it around 6 months ago.. I’m sure it would do better around my wrist, but well something just keeps me from going ahead with it.

It seems to me that the whole world is sending itself loopy in an ironic attempt to be calmer. What am I actually ranting on about I hear you ask yourself? Well to be honest I’m not sure. So, after confusing both you and myself I shall go now. Maybe I’ll cook some food in a bit.. but I can’t decide what to cook.. I feel the stess coming on again!!!


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