School Days

Okay so about 30 seconds after finishing my last post I got an attack of inspiration. Shool Days – Mine are far behind me thank goodness, but well the effects of school just don’t ever seem to leave you. I have decided to write a little list of all the things that I personally remember and often have been left traumatized over.. maybe you’ll find something in common with me:

1. – Cross-Country … Probably not named this anymore, it’s where teachers exact their revenge by making little chidlings (my new word for children), run for miles over horrible hills and through crappy puddles all in the name of ‘excercise’. Now for some it may be mildly entertaining, but for most – me included – it was HELL.. and always a great way to be picked out as the ‘slow one’ when you come in last around an hour after everyone else has showered and dressed, clutching your side because you’ve had stitch for like the last 20 minutes. (For anyone wondering what ‘stitch’ is, well it’s an insanely painful event that leaves you clutching your side in agony, whilst everyone around you is saying ‘Oh it’s only stitch’… Only stitch my as*)

2. – The lunchbox hunt … Okay now this only happened in little school.. It’s when you arrive in the school hall for dinner to find a row of crates filled with tupperware containers that all pretty much look the same, and you know yours is in there somewhere.. you just know it.. BUT WHERE!!!

3. – Assembly …. Sitting cross-legged on a cold wooden floor for about half an hour, singing random songs like ‘Morning has Broken’, whilst listening to teachers spouting information that you’ve probably forgotten around a minute after they said it – that’s if you even listened in the first place.

4. – Bullies .. Now for anyone reading this who may be suffering – I’m not in any way gonna make this a trivial thing.. Bullies are just about everywhere – they are usually the insecure one’s who have to pick at someone else just to make themselves look bigger and better than they actually are. School for many is just a lame popularity contest that lasts for years and somewhere during that time you also learn about maths, english etc.. Truth is, it doesn’t really matter if you are popular at school, because once you leave it won’t mean shit!

5. – The changing rooms … Arrgh, every kids worst nightmare! Especially if your 5ft nothing and you haven’t exactly developed that quickly. In fact there is only one thing worse than the changing rooms for me – the swimming pool! Mainly because I already look like a matchstick without the need for the most hideous of all items of ‘swimwear’ – The Swimming Cap’ – I mean seriously, let’s just see how humiliating we can make this.. Oh and to top it off I couldn’t swim a bloody centimetre let alone a length.. So what did they give me.. A swimming costume with built in floats all around the middle – now that’s just cruel!!!!

So, that’s it for now.. maybe you are familiar with some of those. But take heart, for you will survive the horror that is school, and then you can look back like me and remember all those years and THANK GOD you never have to go back!!!!!


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  1. Amy Said:

    I have to admit I did enjoy P.E a little. But only on the days where we played dodgeball and you got to hit the popular girls with a ball to the head, and smile. I’m not an evil person but by God that was fun. The ones with the racing obstacles not so much.

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