i have a headache..again

I figure I must have a pretty bad headache since I lost the will to rant.. in fact I have very little to say today, I have been busy on the computer for the better part of today sorting out fansites and other people’s fansite problems.. I wonder if people who don’t run fansites know how much work actually goes into them. Well, a lot, I can tell you.

So, anyway I’ve been thinking about Summertime.. because well it should be here soon, although from looking outside at the moment you could be mistaken for feeling that maybe Christmas is just around the corner. But I am keeping the faith for some sunshine soon. I am actually going camping in June so it would be good if maybe it was warmer then. Of course by saying that you are going camping is just inviting bad weather, but it surely can’t be worse than last year.

You see last year it rained – A LOT! I was in a caravan myself, for I had learnt my lesson years previously, but my best friend hadn’t. I was actually kind enough to lend him my little dome tent, but unfortunately he would probably have kept drier sleeping in a carrier bag.

Anyway, this year my trusty old frame tent is coming with me, which should be fun. At least I know how to put it up these days.. the instructions blew away the first time I got it up so it’s kind of been a bit of a puzzle most years. Actually while I’m on the subject, here’s some advice.. NEVER lend your tent to anyone, not even your bestest ever friend.. why? well because these are the things that end up happening:

1. – You will lose at least 5-10 tent pegs (“Oh but we couldn’t get them out of the ground” you will hear your friends say..yeah right)

2. – It may come back colour coded!! – Now this is a strange one perhaps but my beloved tent did indeed come back with hideous blue sticky crap covered in numbers all over it. Now whilst it may have proven to be useful, I would like to make the desicion to deface my tent myself.

3. – Legs may be missing – Now okay so you send a tent away with five legs and it comes back with four.. now it’s true one was a spare, but an explanation would be welcomed.

4. – Re-packing may be required. Because when other people borrow your tent they just don’t seem to take the time to pack it back in it’s bag, and with a big tent that’s a big problem! Especially when it’s wet..

So, you see it’s quite simple really.. if someone wants to borrow your tent, just tell them to go to Tesco and get one for like ¬£15.. it may cost them, but it’s better than costing your friendship, lol. I just realised I have rediscovered the ability to rant.. oh joy..


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