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I survived!

Yes the camping trip is over and I managed to survive it. In fact, it only rained once.. ONCE!! That’s pretty much a miracle where I come from. So, the tent stayed in one piece also which is good news, and I even found I had too many pegs, not sure how that happened. Anyway I am done for a while with camping, although my boyfriend wants us to go somewhere again soon – he’s been bitten by the camping bug whilst I got bitten by the mosquito bug – Oh yes big, red, ugly and painful swelling right on my shoulder-blade. It’s a shame really that other things in life are not drawn to me as much as insects, you know such as money, etc.

Anyway I am getting back into my fansites again, only one so far with another on the way. I am somewhat of an addict at times but hey why not. Oh and I am starting my course at the Open University in February next year… woohoo. Is it sad that I want it to start earlier?? Anyway that is something to look forward to.

Oh and did I mention I have a reunion to go to in July.. Not sure how I feel about that one, I guess I figure they can either be a really exciting event full of old friends getting together and remembering good times, or they could possibly be the reunion from hell which includes people who really never got on the first time round pretending very convincingly to be the best of friends now. I mean do the years really change us that much that suddenly we get on with people who were down right horrid. Maybe they will, who can say. Now I have to spend the next month getting ready for it, on the up-side it’s a great excuse for needing more clothes!!