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Not been here in a while….

Well, my apologies, I should have been back sooner, but life has taken over a little. Currently, like a quarter of the UK viewing public (according to Channel4), I am hooked to Big Brother – Again. Now I already have my favourites, mainly Luke and Mikey.. but as ever that will probably change as time goes on.

So, I have a camping holiday next Friday.. so the chance of a thunderous downpour are highly likely. It would seem that thunderclouds do indeed follow me to these events. Actually what worries me more than the rain is the fact that I will miss the first BB eviction night! Maybe it’s time to test out my old friend the video recorder – you all remember them right?

So, that’s about it for now, hopefully I will get myslef on here a lot more now that other things have calmed down.. peace x