The Perm.. just a horrible memory

Well, I was just reading Amber’s blog and it occured to me that I once had a perm.. yep a real bona-fide 80’s perm.. and it looked hideous. I still remember the over excited feelings that swamped me in the hours leading up to it, thinking this would make me like one of the cool kids.. oh my goodness how wrong can a person be. What I actually ended up looking like was Poochie.. now if you were, like me, a child of the eighties then you will remember Poochie.

See, now I NEVER talk about ‘the perm’, it was that much of a disaster, in fact I’m wondering if perhaps you can get post traumatic stress from such an event, because that would explain a lot of my more recent problems. Certainly I will always remember the long walk back from the hairdressers looking like I had electrocuted myself, and trying to fight back the tears as the general public tried not to laugh to hard as they walked past.

So, why exactly am I recounting this experience, well mainly to advise you all… NEVER, EVER have a perm.. even if by some strange cosmic imbalance, it becomes dare I say ‘fashionable’.. just don’t do it!


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